Catherine, Norman

East London, South Africa, 1949

East London Technical School of Art.

1969: Herbert Evans Gallery, Johannesburg. 1971: Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg. 1973: Goodman-Wolman Gallery, Cape Town. 1977: Kunsthandel SIAU, Amsterdam, Holland. 1984: S.A. Association of Arts, Windhoek, Namibia. 2004: Urban Mutations, Moba Art Gallery, Brussels. 2005: Now & Then Retrospective, University of Stellenbosch Art Museum. 2006: Now & Then Retrospective, Johannesburg Art Gallery.

S.A. National Gallery, Cape Town; Johannesburg Municipal Art Gallery, Johannesburg; Pretoria Art Museum, Pretoria; Durban Art Gallery, Durban; Ann Bryant Art Gallery, East London; Oliwenhuis Art Museum, Bloemfontein; University of South Africa, Pretoria; Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum, Port Elizabeth; Carnegie Art Gallery, Newcastle; Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA; Reserve Bank of South Africa.


SA History Online.

NORMAN CLIVE CATHERINE works in an assortment of media, ranging from oil, acrylic, watercolour, and airbrush; as well as wood, fibreglass, wire, and metal. He incorporates surrealistic elements into his work, and uses humour with a dark overtone to confront the horrors of apartheid, and contemporary political shortcomings.

Catherine’s art has undergone several metamorphoses over the last 40 years. Each passing decade was characterized by different features, from the airbrush paintings of the 1970s, to the mixed media works of 1980s. His work in the late 1980s was characterized by wire sculptures and tin cans, and his paintings from the early 1990s set the tone of future artworks. Over the years his works have become synonymous with rough edged comical and nightmarish forms, rendered in brash cartoon colours..

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