Upon Reflection


Zoltan Borbereki, Christo Coetzee, Rory Emmett, Cecil Higgs, Robert Hodgins, Sam Nhlengethwa, Blessing Ngobeni, Cinga Samson, Lucas Sithole, Cecil Skotnes, Harry Trevor, Edoardo Villa, Asha Zero

“WALL presents works by South African artists who built the foundation for future aesthetic developments in the South African art.”

Upon Reflection

Dorothy Kay observed that every painting is a self portrait of a kind, it can also be said that every work of art is a reflection of sorts – on one’s self / a subconscious world / the environment etc. In the exhibition ‘Upon reflection’ the common thread is the human figure. Whether presented in an iconic format such as Christo Coetzee’s ‘Maypole Bride’, in heroic monumentalism such as Zoltan Bobereki’s ‘Mother and Child’, more intimately like Edoardo Villa’s ‘The Family’ or in a magical vision by Contemporary artists Cinga Samson, Blessing Ngobeni and Rory Emmett. A subtheme is that of the familial, where the subject of mother and child stand out. The works by Borbereki, Higgs, Emmet and perhaps even Villa, engage the viewer on an art historical journey through the history of style and form in the 20th and 21st century.

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