van Heerden, Piet

Malawi, 1917

Namaqualand, 1991


Absolute Art Gallery, van Heerden, Piet.

Johans Borman Fine Art, Artist Biographies: van Heerden, Piet

PIET GERHARDUS VAN HEERDEN began painting at Cradock High School where he received his first formal art training from a Catholic nun. From 1939 to 1941, van Heerden lived and worked in Hugo Naudé’s home until Naudé’s death. Although Van Heerden was clearly influenced by the styles of both Hugo Naudé and Pieter Wenning, his own work did not perpetuate the radiance and spontaneous sparkle of the former, or the structural and colour impact of the latter. He settled into an easy naturalistic matter, rendering picturesque views of the Cape countryside, which won wide popular support. The landscapes were painted in the fluid blending derivative technique that more or less epitomizes the second generation of the tradition known as Cape Impressionism.

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